It's time for you to relax...

Senteurs de Vie has a focus on relaxation, reducing general stress & energising or calming the senses, leaving you feeling uplifted & ready for the world.


You will leave feeling restored, a smile on your face and with more clarity to be at your best.

Pure plant therapy and holistic massage is a blissful blend of soft tissue massage alongside other relaxing therapies that includes authentic Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, foot reflexology, holistic pulsing and gentle Japanese acupressure (Jin Shin Jyutsu™).


With a less vigorous approach than remedial massage and the personalised use of pure essential oils, you will experience decreased tension and a calmed nervous system.  


Senteurs de Vie will provide you with a safe, efficient and enjoyable way to achieve optimum health and wellbeing, with a focus on lifting the physical and spiritual condition.

Senteurs de Vie promotes a holistic approach to wellness and beauty and believes that beauty materialises from within.  Our Facial RadianceTM massage, handcrafted hydrosol and natural botanical products help enhance the life force that shines from the inside out.


France Prevost 

France is internationally qualified in clinical aromatherapy and holistic massage (IFPA, ITEC).  She uses essential oils externally, via inhalation, massage, and healing products. She uses her exceptional knowledge of essential oils to make customised blends for clients based on their individual needs.

Dip. Aromatherapy,  Dip. Holistic Massage,  Qualified Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner

France is a trained Jin Shin Jyutsu™ Practitioner, an ancient Japanese art, also known as gentle acupressure that harmonises the body meridians. Captivated by all natural therapies has to offer, France has continued her training in Myofascial Release (MFR) and Facial Radiance Massage ™.

Furthermore, France has recently achieved the Essential Oils Safety Masterclass, the Essential oils Healthy Skin with Robert Tisserand Institute and Essential Formulation: Oil-Based Products and Aqueous Sprays. 

She is also a small artisan distiller, and uses her knowledge of herbs and plants to compliment overall wellbeing for her clients.  She loves to grow her own herbs and aromatic plants that she then hydro distills seasonally.

France uses Copper Stills for distillation, a method she learnt while training in aroma-science and at various seminars and workshops over the years. She loves to create natural body care products and tailored blends to promote your body's inherent capability for self-healing.


France Prévost , born in Paris, France,  grew up in a big city but always dreamed to be around nature. 


As a young woman, in her mid-twenties, France relocated to New Zealand for love. She quickly fell in love with the country and has since called it her home. France became a mother of three, a keen gardener and enjoyed various careers from tourism, hospitality and administrative work. She found her passion when she began selling essential oil based products for the home user during her spare time.

Realising  how much her customers wanted to use essential oils for their whole body and mental wellness, she decided to develop her knowledge further and went on to study aroma science and massage.