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Senteurs de Vie


Pure plant therapy and holistic massage

Senteurs de Vie involves two senses often neglected in today’s busy lifestyle -

Touch & Smell.

Are you the one who puts everyone and everything before yourself, getting overwhelmed and often stressed?


Do you have tension in your neck and shoulders and find it difficult to get a good night sleep?

Is it difficult at times to make small or large daily life choices?

Are you looking for assistance to help your body feel restored, relaxed and uplifted, and gain more clarity to be at your best for your family, for your children, and for your job or business?


We all know when you sleep poorly at night, there’s a good chance that you’ll be more reactive to stress the next day.


Senteurs de Vie can help you with getting back your brain function and all of the above through massage and aromatherapy, through increased relaxation reduce the aches and pains, get a better sleep, and provide you with personalised and professional aromatherapy products you can use at home to ensure you continue to feel this way at home and to assist your wellbeing.

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Senteurs de Vie in French means,
Scents of Life.

After a pregnancy massage, you will feel amazing throughout the semesters and during postnatal recovery.
Take time and space to deeply relax approaching your due date. 
We provide a welcoming environment to come to replenish and honour yourself.

What we do



Relaxation massage, pregnancy massage with essential oil therapy.

Essential Oils


Concentrated pure plant oils to assist the body, mind and emotions.



Hydrolats, wonder water for your skincare journey.


Jin Shin Jyutsu

Universal Art to boost energy and balance emotions.

What people say

I treated myself to a pregnancy massage from France - it was absolutely amazing. She is very friendly, professional and I found her to be very thorough with the pre-massage consultation.
Such a comfortable and relaxed environment, so much so, that I found myself drifting off to sleep as I received my massage! The oils she used smelt amazing and made my skin feel very soft. I Definitely recommend her to all, and I know that I will be going back for another massage in the very near future! 

- N.W 36 Weeks pregnant


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