“Distillation is magical, transformative, and producing this wonder water that will help you in skin care and healing journey. This elixir that is at the end product of the distillation, that is the water from the water from the cells of the plant extracted by the art of distillation” (Jeanne Rose, Aromatic Plant Project, CA).

Hydro distillation of Botanical Extracts Hydro distillation is a variant of steam distillation. For the hydrodistillation extraction, plant material is submerged in water after which the mixture is heated slowly and volatile materials are carried away in the steam, condensed and separated.


Hydrosol are produced at the same time as the essential oils through steam or water distillation of fresh aromatic plant material. Using a still, spring water and heat Senteurs de Vie distills homegrown fresh aromatic part of plants, flowers, fruits, twigs, needles, leave, or roots. Many name have been given to theses botanical waters. Hydrolate, in French, describe the milky appearance of some distillates and in  the early 1990s, Jeanne Rose coined the term hydrosol that refers, in aromatherapy, to the watery product of distillation.

Some of the plant like Lavender and Rosemary grown on the premises are very aromatic and are high in essential oils.  Melissa, Yarrow, Rose, Neroli and Lemon verbena are very low in essential oils. Others like Plantain, Calendula, Cornflower, and Viola have no essential oils component and nearly no scent at all but do content the therapeutic component of the plant.


Most hydrosols/hydrolats are mild but effective. They can be used undiluted without problems for most topical applications but you must know that they are not just water and that they contains some soluble essential oils but not all the essential oils properties.  


Hydrolat therapy by way of hydrosol is a branch of aromatherapy. It is a holistic therapy, that heals and strives for the equilibrium between Body and Soul. If one takes part in the distillation of a plant, two precious elements emerge, each very distinct from the other ; on one side the essential oil and on the other the hydrolat, the water that has been impregnated with the same aromatic molecules as the essential oil.

How to store hydrosol

Hydrotherapy - many ways to use your hydrosol

  • Keep it in its purchased container

  • Keep it away from sun

  • Keep it cool

  • Use it within use by date


Hydrosols are are a wonderful addition in natural skin care products.


Hydrosols are of particular use for sensitive skin and palliative care.

  • Foot and hands baths

  • Soaking tubs

  • After shower

  • Nasal Application  i.e neti pot - add up to 1 teaspoon of hydrosol to the solution that you use in your neti pot.

  • Steam inhalation and Diffusers

  • Topical use as in compresses or washcloths.

  • Skincare

  • Eyes pad i.e. Cornflower / Chamomile hydrosol

  • Laundry rooms

  • Air freshener