Rose Geranium Hydrosol

Rose Geranium Hydrosol




  • Balancing, cooling and hydrating

    The scent is floral sweet fragrance, very similar to the essential oil.



    100% Homegrown and steam distillation of the freshly picked leaves and the some flowers in the spring or Autumn.
    Every year each distillation has its own scent. Contact us for more information.  

    Subtle hydro therapy:

    Rose geranium is wonderful. Each hydrosol has it owns subtle energy. It will make you feel good when used as a face or body spray. Spray hydrosol directly on make up throughout the day to refresh and rehydrate and balance your emotions.  


    How to use:

    Always to a test patch if you have sensitive skin. Safe to use undiluted on the face and the body. In the bath, foot baths, and as a compress for redness.  


    Storage: Always keep away from heat and  sunlight.